Message from SHARE: Year In Review

It’s hard to believe that it has been over a year since I first introduced myself with a “Message From SHARE” to the SHARE community, and even harder to believe how much the world has changed since then. In January, we kicked off 2020 celebrating a major, 65-year milestone for the organization.

SHARE is not an acronym, it’s what we do. As we shared memories from 65 years of networking, education, and influence, and revisited SHARE history, the enterprise IT industry — and, with it, SHARE — continued to evolve and innovate amid new challenges and threats.

SHARE’s 65th year brought on new challenges and an opportunity for SHARE to introduce new offerings to the community. While the year has certainly been tough personally, health-wise, and for organizations, it has been amazing to see SHARE pivot quickly and adapt.  ..

In addition to expanding webcast offerings and launching SHARE Nibbles, our first virtual event — SHARE Virtual 2020: Power-on Reset — was a successful effort. We welcomed an inaugural class of Hall of Fame-level SHARE Distinguished Speakers, which included David Barnes, John Ehrman, Randall Munson, and Marna Walle, and also made some incredible gains:

  • 46% attendance increase over SHARE Fort Worth
  • Participants from 33 countries
  • Over 300 companies represented

As a reminder, access to virtual event sessions is available to attendees through the end of the year (midnight on December 31) by visiting the “Library” section of the virtual event website. For a recap of the best of the best from the event, check out the SHARE’d Intelligence top 15 sessions roundup.

In looking ahead to a new year, we know that your needs as professionals to continually learn, evolve, and connect is key, and we are committed to ensuring that SHARE can be part of that journey. While virtual opportunities cannot replace in-person, your new leadership is excited about the ways in which they will help SHARE continue to offer strong, valuable, and innovative education as we inhabit new virtual frontiers.

Cheers to 2021 and even more years of education, networking, and influence!

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Message from SHARE: Year In Review