Get a Deep Dive into Cryptography at SHARE in Orlando

By: Brian Cummings, SHARE Volunteer

What sessions am I attending at SHARE in Orlando? Some of the sessions I’m most thrilled about this year are designed around Security and Cryptography. Security is one of the most important responsibilities we have as IT professionals. It’s also one of the most important things we do for our businesses. The financial downfall due to poor security or hacking can cripple a company’s revenue outlook, erode customer confidence and lead to some pretty bad PR. In short, every aspect of the business is affected when we compromise our customers’ data.

In keeping with this year’s theme of Delivering Mission Critical Business Services Through IT SHARE has arranged a number of sessions designed to take a deep dive into this topic – and most importantly - how it relates to our role as the facilitators of our organizations’ security. From the latest training in z/OS to the impact of hardware availability to your disaster recovery (DR) plans, Public Key Infrastructure and more – these sessions will showcase best practice approaches from real-world IT security professionals. In this series of sessions, SHARE attendees will be able to learn from and network with other IT security professionals. They will leave with a better understanding of Cryptography and the impacts of Cryptography on their organizations through formal sessions, discussions and hands-on labs. Sessions focus informatively and helpfully on topics that address "Software Updates", "How To's", and "How I did it.” Even the experienced IT security professional will take something away. Are you planning on attending these sessions? What topic areas are you most looking forward to? What key issues around Cryptography are you most interested in?

To view a complete list of sessions related to this topic, visit:

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