Introducing SHARE White Pieces

SHARE is excited to announce its latest research offering: SHARE White Pieces. The objective of a White Piece is to share information about technology or a process to implement technology. This can be new technology or “proven practices” for existing technology. Recent White Pieces include mobile application development DOs and DON’Ts and mainframe apathy.

These pieces are brief documents that are part of a topical series. Current topics include: 

  • 8 Bits or a Byte About About… 
  • SHARE Proven Practices (COMING SOON)
  • SHARE’d Point of View (COMING SOON)

Are you interested in getting involved with SHARE's White Pieces? Contact, detailing your research, for consideration.

These papers are publicly available and are published under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND license, which means they can be freely distributed to anyone, but not modified or sold.


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