By: Terri Menendez and Pooja Bhargava, Software Development, IBM

Frustrated that you have to close your files just to see the latest catalog stats?   Wondering when that next opportunity will be? Well, stop wondering, because the time is NOW!  Introducing the new IDCAMS SHCDS LISTSTAT command, where file statistics you could only dream about are now at your fingertips!

Whether your files are open or not, the new LISTSTAT command displays sysplex-wide catalog statistics for your VSAM record-level sharing (RLS) data sets.  Interested?  Here’s how:

In z/OS V2R2 (or z/OS V2R13 and later with the PTF for APAR OA42435), issue the following AMS command:

                     SHCDS LISTSTAT ('<cluster name>')

The essential file statistics such as totals for records, inserts, deletes, updates, retrieves, CA/CA splits, extents information, free space, index levels, and high-used/allocated RBA are immediately returned to you. 


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