z/OS V2.2 Migration Workflow is available!

Now that I've finally found how to add an article on my blog with these new improved SHARE pages, I wanted to let you know about the new Workflow for z/OS V2.2 migration!

Yes, on GA announce date, we've got the z/OS V2.2 Migration workflow ready for those that are running z/OSMF V2.1 (where Workflow was introduced). In fact, I think that this workflow has actually been available before the V2.2 Migration book has, as I can't find the z/OS V2.2 books on the internet yet. Maybe it's just not my day for finding anything I need to.

Here's some brief information you need if you want to get the z/OS V2.2 Migration workflow:

  • It's available from the web at http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/z/os/zos/tools/downloads/zosmf-zos-v2r2-migration-workflow.html . 
  • There's 3 files you need to pull, so read the web page carefully and make sure download the 3 files you need as BINARY, in the same directory.  
  • If you are using this Workflow (for a z/OS V2.1 to V2.2 migration) there is no reason why you'd need to use the z/OS V2.2 Migration book at all!  i'm hoping that you'll like the format of getting migration information via Workflows, as I personally think it's easier than looking at a PDF.    (Although I will agree that searching in a PDFis easier, if you need to do a search.)  This workflow is based on the z/OS V2.2 Migration book at the -05 level.  You can find this information easily in the workflow.
  • We've incorporated invocation of health checks into the Workflow for applicable migration actions.  Read the Perform step carefully as there are considerations on these steps.
  • We're interested in gathering your feedback on each migration step, and on the migration overall.  If you want to provide us that feedback, within each step there is the opportunity to do just that.  It's completely optional, and you don't need to do any feedback if you just want to complete the step.

If you want to see the latest migration action information, via Workflow, go for it.  Of course, I'll answer any questions and take comments on it.  I'll be in Orlando at SHARE if you want to talk there too.

Keep on migratin'

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