DINO-Software Corporation - Open Position - Tape Development/Support Specialist


DINO-Software Corporation has an immediate need for a Tape Development/Support Specialist to join our dynamic organization.

Job Scope:

To provide level 2 support and backup development to the tape components of Raptor and UDM

Mandatory Qualifications:

  • Competent and experienced IBM HLASM programmer
  • Ability to read/debug from a system dump
  • Possess strong debugging skills in general
  • High familiarity with at least one of the 5 tape management systems:
    • CA's CA1
    • CA's TLMS
    • Allen Systems Zara
    • BMC's Control M for Tape

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ability to successfully telecommute with minimal direction while meeting set deadlines
  • Experience with an online debugger such as XDC
  • Strong customer support skills
  • Ability to work with a problem tracking system such as Mantis;
  • Familiarity with tape operations
  • Familiarity with storage management concepts
  • Familiarity with tuning programs for enhanced performance
  • Familiarity with at least one of the follow robotic/virtual tape systems:
    • IBM's VTS
    • Oracle's StorageTek ELS
    • CA's CA/VTAPE
    • IBM's VTFM

Job Expectations:

  • Must possess the ability/desire to master the knowledge of the 5 tape management systems Dino-Software supports
  • Must possess the ability/desire to master the knowledge of the 4 robotic/virtual tape systems Dino-Software supports
  • Must be willing to support hot line personnel with clear explanations as to how Dino-Software's tapecomponents work
  • Must be willing and able to perceive enhancement opportunities coming from customer experiences
  • Keep internal paperwork up to date
  • Perform documentation as needed
  • Must be willing to work long hours on occasion
  • Ability to view issues from a customer's perspective

Please contact Don Weed for consideration to the Tape Development/Support position at:

Don Weed
DINO-Software Corporation
P.O. Box 7105
Alexandria, VA 22307
Phone: (603) 612-0418

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