Guest Contributor: Reg Harbeck, Deputy Director, Community Development

Harbeck_Headshot_APPROVED_small-136x150.jpgWant to increase how much you get out of SHARE? Start by increasing how much you get into SHARE. Want to bring more value from SHARE to your company? A great place to start is with your SHARE community.

And it all begins with community settings. No, I’m not talking about SNMP or any other computing network configuration matters. I’m talking about the original kind of network: human. After all, that’s what every technological network out there is meant to enable.

But, to have a community, you have to have some things in common in order to keep your unity. A common role, set of challenges and place to meet, for example. All of these have been key parts of what have made SHARE a community, and made you part of that community.

Of course, SHARE is more than just a community – it’s made of many sub-communities as well, each of which is critical to the success of SHARE and everyone who is part of SHARE. And, just like SHARE changes and adapts over time, so do its constituent sub-communities.

Whether we’re talking Projects, Programs, or other volunteer or special interest groups, the way a sub-community grows is by welcoming more people in, and this is often accomplished through invitation. That’s why I have an invitation for you – actually, more than one.

First, I’d like to invite you to think of what special aspects of the large enterprise computing experience are important to you, and then find the SHARE sub-communities that speak to them, and join them. I know I’m speaking for all such groups when I say you’re welcome and you’re needed, so go ahead and take your SHARE community membership to the next level.

Next, if there are any areas you’ve thought of that don’t seem to have such sub-communities, I invite you to find other fellow members of the SHARE community with similar interests (you can use the bulletin boards to do this) and get together and form these sub-communities, and invite others to join you – that’s what builds and maintains SHARE.

Finally, you’re invited to think of SHARE in 2020 and envision which sub-communities will be the ones responsible for our ongoing success, whether or not they exist today. Then let me know (, and, if you think you should be part of them, go ahead and make it happen!

You’re welcome!

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