SHARE Volunteer Spotlight: Karla Houser

By: Jim Willette, Sunrise e-Services

Karla Houlser is a long-time volunteer at SHARE. She is proof that if you work hard enough, it is also possible to hide your achievements most of the time. During the evenings at SHARE, you can find her at the Welcome Desk, which she co-founded and for which she earned the President’s Award. During the day, Karla is the Program Manager of the Enterprise Data Center Program (EDC), having graduated from co-Project Manager of the Integrating Innovative Technologies Project (I2T) and Project Officer for the JES3 Project (JES3) among other roles. She also chairs the Tivoli Technical Steering Committee. Only a broken ankle has kept her from a perfect attendence record. “Back at the Ranch” Karla works half-days (12 hours) when things are slow in her company’s IT department, handling business continuity and disaster recovery planning and exercises, mainframe operations automation, and special projects. In her free time, she enjoys gourmet cooking and political musical satire. Find Karla (everybody knows her) and introduce yourself; ask her about the business she owns with her mother in Arkansas. She is one of the reasons SHARE is so effective.

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