SHARE Volunteer Spotlight: Justin Bastin, CA

By: Kristine Harper, NEON Enterprise Software

Today, we put the spotlight on SHARE volunteer Justin Bastin. Justin served many good years as Project Officer and Deputy Project Manager for the zNextGen project, before stepping into the role of zNextGen Project Manager after SHARE in Boston. Justin showed a lot of potential to lead zNextGen after the project marked its five year anniversary in Boston, and he has certainly lived up to that potential.

He has taken on the role with a lot of enthusiasm and focus. Not only has he maintained the project's momentum, he has continued to grow the project and build up new initiatives. The role of zNextGen Project Manager comes with high expectations and many responsibilities, and Justin has shown the zNextGen volunteer team and its members that he is capable. As zNextGen continues to play an important role for SHARE and for new enterprise IT professionals, we should all feel confident and lucky to have Justin leading this project. Thank you Justin for being such a valuable SHARE volunteer!

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