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I want you to know, dear friends, that I've started 5 or 6 blogs that I have not posted yet. That doesn't excuse the fact that I have not blogged in quite some time, but it is true. Rest assured there are several coming, especially with SHARE in SEATTLE just a little over TWO weeks away!

More on that later. Right now, today, I want to talk about SHARE…the spirit of SHARE, the essence of SHARE…the actual sharing. I saw a press release today about longtime SHARE volunteer (MVS Project Manager, MVS Progam Manager, Board of Trustees) and good friend Sam Knutson accepting a position with Compuware. It was wonderful to see that SHARE was mentioned and the President of SHARE, James Vincent, provided a statement:

“Sam is a highly respected and passionate thought leader in the mainframe space,” said James Vincent, President of SHARE. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on numerous occasions and have always been impressed with his drive to encourage the best decisions and solutions for mainframe technology.”

Those of you who know Sam from SHARE would likely agree with this statement. Sam is known for his calm ability to sum things up in the face of chaos.

The press release, and the job itself, reminded me of the networking aspect of being involved with SHARE. It is so helpful to have a wealth of mainframe contacts. Someone to call or email and ask a question…kicking around a new idea at SHARE receptions, someone to help you hit the strawman. I have benefitted from these relationships at SHARE; greater input to the future of the mainframe, mentoring others, and getting help.

It’s gratifying to see a fellow volunteer getting recognition for his service, and by a company that also recognizes the value of SHARE and the mainframe.

I’d like to offer my warmest congratulations to Sam and Compuware!

Here is the press release from Compuware:


Have a great day!

Mary Anne




PS: You can follow Sam and Compuware on Twitter at: Sam Knutson and Compuware

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Nice news!

February 20, 2015 06:50 AM by Marna
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