Workflow for IBM z13...before you even see the book!

Today, we just released a new z/OSMF workflow for migrating your z/OS to the new IBM z13!  This workflow, as you've seen from the z/OS V2.1 Migration workflow, is similar to the migration action in the book.  However, what's nice about this new workflow is two things:

  1. the z/OS V2.1 Migration book (-03)  isn't even available yet.  It will be out soon, however, we are able to get you the z13 workflow before you can get the book.  If you want to see what the migration activities are for the z13, you can use the z13 workflow right now.  Of course, if you have z/OSMF V2.1 that is.
  2. the z13 workflow has a new additional step at the end we added to provide your feedback to IBM.  This is a new step that we'd like you to consider filling out and emailing back.  This will help us understand your migration experience on the z13, and your feelings about using z/OSMF workflows to help with migration in general.  Purposefully for this first foray, we kept this last feedback step in the workflow very brief.  In the future we want to make this feedback step more extensive.  You can write as much or as little as you like, or skip it if you don't want to provide feedback.

You can find the z13 workflow here:

If you have any questions at all about it, I'd love a comment on the blog or drop me an email.  I hope you enjoy using this workflow as much as we did creating it!


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