...and z13 FIXCATs too !!

After writing about the z/OS V2.2 FIXCATs starting to appear, I realized I probably should have mentioned a little something about the other big thing in IBM news last week - the z13!  Those FIXCATs have also come to HOLDDATA in a CSI near you.  This time for the HW server, there are three basic FIXCATS:

  1. IBM.Device.Server.z13-2964.RequiredService required for the z13 server,
  2. IBM.Device.Server.z13-2964.Exploitation needed for exploitation of z13 capabilities,
  3. IBM.Device.Server.z13-2964.RecommendedService PTFs recommended to fix known problems.

Of course, there are a some z13 specific FIXCATs as well such as IBM.Device.Server.z13-2964.ServerTimeProtocol.

The PSP bucket for the z13 is available, if you want to peruse that as well:  Upgrade 2964DEVICE, Subset 2964/ZOS.  


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