z/OS V2.2 FIXCATs are starting to appear

Today, there are PTFs that are being marked with the ++HOLDs that are associated with z/OS V2.2.  Meaning, you can start running your SMP/E REPORT MISSINGFIX jobs right away to see if any positioning PTFs you need to install are outstanding.  The FIXCATs for z/OS V2.2 are:  


As it has been with prior releases, and you may not have been aware, these FIXCAT PTFs for z/OS V2.1 are also marked with the FIXCATs for z/OS V2.2.  There are a couple of reasons behind that, but we do that so that you do not miss any z/OS V2.2 PTFs necessary.  Even though you may see a lot of PTFs now with the z/OS V2.2 FIXCATs, it does not necessarily mean that all those PTFs are *newly* required for z/OS V2.2.

As is always the case with REPORT MISSINGFIX and a new z/OS release, run the job periodically as PTFs should be closing over time.  Just wanted to let you know that that process has started and you can start to position now!

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