SHARE Volunteer Spotlight: Leigh Compton, IBM

By: Steve Ware, University of Florida

Leigh has been a SHARE CICS Project volunteer since SHARE 88 (March 1997) and attended her first SHARE at SHARE 51 (August 1978). She has been the SHARE CICS Project IBM Dallas Systems Center Representative since volunteering, and has worked tirelessly in support of the SHARE CICS Project, especially in support of the SHARE hands-on labs. She is also a SHARE Best Session award winner.

Her help and support of the SHARE CICS Project is very much appreciated, as she is a fantastic presenter, hard worker, and extremely helpful in building great agendas, getting the appropriate speakers for the IBM technical presentations, and has been known to present morning sessions with time stamps on the foils or listings in the 3:00 a.m. range!

Cheers to Leigh Compton of IBM and the SHARE CICS Project!

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