z/OS V2.1 Migration book refresh drives a Workflow update

Since SHARE in Pittsburgh, I've been chin-deep in z/OSMF Workflows for z/OS migration.  A great topic!  Seeing z/OS migration take a leap forward and really "come alive" has been quite fun work.  We've got an entire career worth of items to do, so no shortage of things to keep a team of folks busy, and keep them excited to get the keyboard each morning.

There is one thing we did just release for migration that I wanted to mention..  We've got a refreshed level of the z/OS V2.1 Migration book done  (-02).  Because I am ensuring that a refresh to the z/OS V2.1 Migration book is *never* available without corresponding Workflow refresh, the download Workflows for -02 are available now (http://www.ibm.com/systems/z/os/zos/tools/downloads/zosmf-zos-v2r1-migration-workflow.html).  Even better, though, due to some weird timing, the Workflows are actually available before the book is.   We expect the -02  book refresh level to hit InfoCenter at the end of the month.  

If you want to know what is the difference between the -02 level and the prior level, you simply need to look at the "Summary of Changes" (just like in the book), on the first Workflow step "Migration:  Introduction".  There aren't any revision bars possible in the Workflow, like the book has.  As a reminder, my most important requirement to z/OSMF Workflow is that customized information be able to be brought forward from one level of a Workflow to another.  Unfortunately it is not there now.  If you have already customized the old Workflow level, keep this in mind.

As always, if you have suggestions or improvements you'd like to see in the z/OSMF migration workflow, just drop me a line!


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Is Sept. 2014 z/OSMF SPE required for your updated Migration Workflow?

September 19, 2014 11:32 AM by Ed Webb

Marna, Thanks for the heads up on the updated Migration book and workflow. Do we need the upcoming z/OSMF SPE PTFs implemented before we use the new Workflow? I suspect we do need them but your article did not say.

Upcoming z/OSMF SPEs (SPE #2) for z/OS V2.1 -02 Workflow

September 22, 2014 02:57 PM by Marna Walle

Hi Ed, 

You don't need SPE #2 (the ones that just closed) for the z/OS V2.1 Workflow level -02.  However, as a heads up,  you will might need z/OSMF SPE #2 for the next interation of the z/OS V2.1 Migration workflow.  

fyi:  there are some good new functions in SPE #2 for Workflow, as well as a couple of bug fixes.  We've tested the z/OS Migration workflow with SPE #2 and it works fine.


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