Live from SHARE in Pittsburgh

Greetings SHARE friends! SHARE is always a hugely busy week for me but I wanted to get some photos out for those of you not able to join us.

As you might be aware, or zAware, SHARE, IBM and others are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the mainframe, and as we entered the reception Sunday night, this is what greeted us:



The evening proceeded in much the same way that most SHARE receptions do, with a couple of minor differences. First, there was a large number of, wait for it, YOUNG people. And by young I mean under 30. Turns out CA has a large lab here in Pittsburgh and sent a whole class full of brand new mainframe engineers. It was great to see and speak to them. Secondly, the food was amazing! There was a boubon bbq sauce that I wanted to drink out of a cup. Finally, it was high school reunion night and many volunteers had sent in their high school senior pictures, and they were running on the twitter wall. Quite fun, and here is mine:



There ya go. Isn't that fun. :)

There was plenty of fun to be had. Do Keith and Ed ever go anywhere without each other?? 








Moving on, Monday morning after Ed Jaffe kicked off the MVS Program, Jeff Magdall gave some great insight into IBM System z Strategy.



And then John Eells followed it up with probably the most detailed pre-release info that I've ever seen at SHARE.


Cheryl Watson and Laura Carbone held the MVSE Requirements session over lunch, and the mood in the room is apparently quite jovial




This morning, we had Pittsburgh Police Cyber Crimes Specialist Christopher Jordan regalled us with stories of cyber crime and gave some great advice on actions and inactions to take.



Some tidbits from the John Eells session:

Jes2 dynamic checkpoint tuning for things like hold and dormancy times on masdef.

Zonemerge 'check' function in SMP/E

New SETSSI Delete command

System Symbol improvements including removing the requirement that symbol name be longer than symbol value. (Where in the world *did* that come from??)

Your link today is to the SHARE in Pittsburgh proceedings, already there are quite a few presentations up there that you can peruse.

Have a great day!

Mary Anne




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