Little Surprises

This week I was visiting a nearby customer with John Eells.  We'll often do a "dog and pony" show where John will talk about all the glittering new enhancements in a z/OS release, and then I'll get up and talk about all the drudge work you've got to do just get to the release.  We've got this Good Cop/Bad Cop thing working out pretty well.   

This week, I thought I was going to see the charts that I've seen John give many times before.  Always great to hear what new ways he'll talk about his items, but this time, I was lucky.  John had decided to do an early version of his SHARE presentation (" What's New in z/OS 2.1 - City of Bridges Edition", Monday 1:30, Aug 4).  I'd like to say, there were some new items in there that I think that SHARE attendees will not want to miss.  I won't tell you what new tidbits he's going to talk about, but if you think that this session is a 100% repeat of prior SHAREs, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised too.  

And...another pleasant item that you may have seen me mention in a recent tweet.  I received a "nice to know" New Enhancement email from My Notifications:  z/OS V2.1 RSM APAR OA44207   .  If you don't use My Notifications, then you're probably missing out on little gifts in the service stream that could make your day.


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