Looking for Mr. APAR

Remember how we had SHARE requirements to show new INFO and DOC APARs, and also to search for updates to said APARs?  These requirements came in right about the same time we did the New Function APAR identification (which we satisified with the My Notifications capabiility).  At the time of doing the New Function identification work, we thought that the INFO and DOC APAR search would have to be a different solution, and it was.  Now, we've got something that you may want to take a look at for hunting down APARs.  And, not just INFO and DOC APARs.  There's other search criteria you can use, which makes this a nice general APAR search tool to use!

Introducing the "Granular APAR Search" tool, here:  http://www-304.ibm.com/support/customercare/psearch/search?domain=gapar

Right now, it's not pointed to anywhere, but we want to put it on the z/OS Support Portal page here: http://www-947.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/product/ibm_operating_systems/z~os/z~os_-_all_versions_and_releases?productContext=89330284

There are some minor tweaks I want - like a nice pop-up for what the heck those "external symptom codes" really are.  Tweaks will be coming later, but for now, we wanted to get this out there.   Also, that field for "Release" requires that you know something already, in order to search for it.  Look under "search tips" for how to use it wisely.  If you have any feedback, I'd be happy to take it.  

For now, know this:  

  • DOC APARs (that is, defects found in the documentation that we are fixing) are external symptom code "DD".  I think this probably could mean Documentation Defect, but I haven't been around as long as the codes. 
  • INFO APARs (that is, information that is "extra" that you should know, and that is periodically added to) are found in their own section, near New Function APARs.

Here's hoping you can find what you are looking for.

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Nice job Marna!

May 29, 2014 07:10 AM by Mary Anne Matyaz

I guess I didn't realize this was still in the works! One observation, the gray of the results is rather hard to read, for me anyway.

It will take some getting used to. I searched for hiper and got 'Did you mean hipper?' Yes please, show me all the hip new apars cause I'm a groovy girl. :)

I'm looking forward to playing around a bit with it.



Groovy comments

May 29, 2014 09:35 AM by Marna Walle

Thanks for the look!  I'll send the gray results comment back to tools guys.  Looking at the whole page, it may be a "style" comment.  Black looks like the fields, blue is hiperlinks, and maybe gray are the returned or selected values.  Maybe we could get a darker gray??  We'll see what they say.

For the "hipper" comment - sorry, but I'm dense and not getting the joke.  I just did a search on TCP/IP HIPERs and got back a nice list of 73 of them.  I selected the "Document Types" of HIPER and the search returned back to TCP/IP stack HIPERs.  Can I have the kindergarten explaination to this comment :)?



May 29, 2014 12:01 PM by Mary Anne Matyaz

Sorry Marna, the hipper comment wasn't really directed toward GAS, but toward the search on the other link that you provided.

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