Learning about z/OS V2.1 content the easy way

You may have known about the IBM Education Assistant for z/OS V1 releases.  It is an InfoCenter-like website that can point out focused presentations on specific z/OS V1 enhancements.  Have you been looking for what we've got for z/OS V2?

For z/OS V2 we have the IBM Education Assistance for V2 !

We've changed the format slightly and it is hosted on the Redbooks website, in hopes that it will be easier to use.  It is not an Into-Center like format anymore, and it is more straightforward.  Just tabs and links directly to the presentations, sorted by element.  We still have over a hundred different focused presentations about new z/OS V2.1 content!  The vast majority of the presentations are PDF files - some rather short, some much longer when the topic calls for it.  You can also find my Boston recordings there for my "z/OS V2.1 Migration" sessions, both part one and part two.

Let's say you think that new function Dynamic System Symbols sounds interesting, but you want to read in a single spot more about it, soup to nuts?  Well, go to the web site link above, click on "Availability", and then under "BCP" you can read all about it.  With so many enhancements to provide we had to find some sort of catagorization method, so we thought the type of enhancements may be a good first sorting of them.  For instance, if you are a Security or Performance person, you may want to look at those categories first.

A big advantage using this IBM Education Assistance is that you can see all you need to see about an enhancement in one spot.  Often, enhancements may be documented across seveal publications and you'd have to pull them all together to get the complete view.  The modules within the IBM Education Assistance have done that "cross gathering" for you for that specific topic.

There is a "Questions, Comments?" email  link on the page, if you'd like to provide feedback.

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