A Quiver Full of Arrows

Ok, not so much a quiver full of arrows, but a blog full of pictures. Enjoy a collection of sights from SHARE in Anaheim.

CA kicked off the week with a great reception on Sunday night, and the Social Media Commitee of myself, Dan McDonnell,

Sam Knutson, and Ed Jaffe posed in front of the Twitter wall.


Zossygirl  and Riaz Ahmad

Good grief, I look so happy here...actually I was blogging.



Program Manager Ed Jaffe



MVS Pizza lunch for planning for Pittsburgh


IBM sent a great complement of IBM Executives for the free for all panel


Sam Knutson and the mainframe version of a blow up doll in the SHARE Technology Exchange


Best session from Boston winner Ed Jaffe



System z Roadmap by Bryan Foley


The lovely and talented Cheryl Watson


SHARE board member Sam Knutson and the ledgendary Frank DiGilio at SCIDS, where the smiles are big.



And as I sit here in the bucket, Ed and Skip are closing another successful SHARE conference. Thanks to all the volunteers, speakers, and attendees, see you in Pittsburgh!

Your link today is to the SHARE in Anaheim schedule; look for the little file folders, and that will indicate that the presentation has been uploaded. Isn't technology wonderful?!  https://share.confex.com/share/122/webprogram/MVS.html

Till next time,

Mary Anne



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SHARE in Anaheim

March 14, 2014 06:36 PM by Ed Jaffe

Thanks for helping to document this great conference!

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