Guest Contributor: Kristine Harper, zNextGen Project Manager

zNextGen is the next generation of mainframe professionals! We are a large, cohesive group of people from around the world, working for different companies and embracing diverse enterprise computing roles. zNextGen members communicate through many mediums in order to learn from each other, to SHARE information, and to network with others. Other ambitions of zNextGen include building long lasting friendships, connecting with mentors and developing a sense of community among new mainframers and veterans alike.

The zNextGen community is open to mainframe professionals with all levels of experience. Participation can either be as a member or mentor. We welcome those who are just starting out in their career to those who may have made a significant career change to those who have new responsibilities in their job.

If you are new to enterprise computing, we recommend using the “zNextGen” column in the Onsite Guide to find sessions of interest to you. You can also do a search online at – choose the main search category of zNextGen and it will list all the sessions that would be worthwhile for a new mainframer to attend. We highly recommend getting involved with the project that is parallel to your career role. Getting to know the project people can only better your experience at SHARE.

Joining zNextGen can enhance your mainframe career by presenting new outlets for information and education, and by building up a network of friends and mentors. Having close friends to rely on at any point in your career is very valuable. They may be able to introduce you to someone who can help solve your technical problem, or they may laugh and say it is inevitable - you will be up all night trying to fix that for the first time!

Getting involved in zNextGen is easy! You can…

  • look for anyone with the zNextGen button on their SHARE badge
  • come to any zNextGen session or at the evening receptions
  • check out our Web site for the link to sign up

Don’t be shy – we don’t want to see anyone at SHARE confused, bored or by themselves at a meal. No age requirements, no experience or lots of it – come join us and see what we can do for each other!

zNextGen offers opportunities to get involved at SHARE all year long. Getting involved can include as much or as little commitment on your part. If you have ideas to SHARE or want to lead an effort, bring them forward to our team and we’ll work together to make it happen.


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