SHARE in Anaheim MVS Preview

With SHARE in Anaheim  just a few weeks away, I wanted to give you a preview of some of the great MVS Program content that you’ll be seeing there.

In the EWCP project, (Enterprise-Wide Capacity and Performance), Glenn Anderson will be giving two presentations: “Understanding z/OSMF for the Performance Management Sysprog”   and “Top New z/OS Performance Functions Every Sysprog Should Understand

Mary Astley will be talking about Experiences with IBM zAware and zEDC and Cheryl Watson will clear things up with “Why is the CPU Time for a Job so Variable?

In the MVSS (MVS Storage Management) project, Barbara McDonald will start things off with DFSMS “Freebies and Hidden Gems" in z/OS 2.1” and that looks to have some great 2.1 content. MVSS will also have The Future of PDSE: The Version 2 Format by Thomas C. Reed. In addition to IBM presentations, there are plenty of vendor sessions from CA, Luminex, Oracle. Some other sessions that jumped out at me: “Utilizing Cloud Storage for Mainframe Virtual Tape” and “Revolutionary , All-New, Storage Architectures That Allow You to Do More With Less

MVSE, aka MVS Core Technologies, has John Eells presenting “What's New in z/OS 2.1 – Orange County Edition” for a great intro to all the new and updated 2.1 functions. Extremely popular Marna Walle will then present her two part migration sessions: “Migrating to z/OS 2.1: Part 1 of 2” and “Part 2 of 2”. There are also 2.1 update sessions for JES2 and JES3, Parallel Sysplex, z/OSMF and Unix Systems Services, and even a few more!

User experiences are a signature session type at SHARE and this SHARE is no different. MVSE has User Sessions on z/OS 2.1, zEC12, z/OSMF, CA Chorus System Manager (MSM), and  Mike Shorkend in: “User Experience: BCPii, FlashCopy and Business Continuity

Not to be outdone in the user experience area, EWCP has Meral Temel doing “Migrating to zEC12 - A Journey in Performance

There are Intro Sessions, Advanced Technical Sessions, Q&A Sessions, Keynotes, Roundtables, Best Practices, and Diagnostics and 2.1 sessions and wow. How are we going to fit all that in?

Of course, there are plenty of great sessions outside of the MVS Program: CICS, zNEXTGEN, z/VM Linux, Security and Communications Server, Database, WAS. I really don’t know how they do it all! Oh wait, yes I do…it’s volunteers!! Let’s hear it for all the planning/scheduling and project volunteers!

Thank You!

Personally, I really think this will be a fabulous SHARE.  We’re not on 2.1 yet but many others are and I can’t wait to hear the insider tips and tools and how the migrations are going. Ditto for the z*C12 sessions.

My tips for a successful conference include:

  • DO: Plan your schedule ahead of time and download it to your calendar. My Personal Scheduler You can pick a session and an alternate for each time slot. This has been a huge timesaver for me.
  • DO: Get involved! Chair a session, come to a project dinner, network! 

SHARE in Anaheim kicks off on March 9. Wish upon a star and get your trip to Anaheim authorized!

I also want to congratulate Bruce Koss, who is the first speaker SHARE-wide to upload his handout. Point your browser to to see all the sessions with handouts uploaded.

I’m sure you’ve figured out what your link today is … the SHARE in Anaheim Schedule at

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about SHARE in Anaheim. I'm happy to help in any way I can.

Till next time,

Mary Anne


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Good pointers!

February 19, 2014 11:17 AM by Marna

Mary Anne, thanks for the pointers which will save me time scheduling.  Once I  book those, I think I'll have very few slots left!

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