New Year, New Web Pages

Cheryl noticed that the IBM Support Portal looks different, and it was hard to find the "New Function APAR" subscription capability.  Well, she is right of course!  The IBM Support Portal pages have been changed, and I couldn't find my way around until some helpful soul told me where to go.  I thought I'd share it with you, in hopes that you could use it and not be as frustrated as I was.

I'm having the Flash that I wrote for the "New Function APAR" announcement updated (which was  It should be available shortly, but here's the concise view of it:

  1. Go to and logon.
  2. Click on "Browse for a product" on the upper left.
  3. Then, "IBM Operating Systems" twisty.
  4. Then, "z/OS" twisty.
  5. Then, "z/OS - All versions and releases".
  6. Then check "Version indepenent", and Go button.
  7. Under "Tools and Resources", you'll see "Manage your support notifications".  Select that.
  8. NOW, you're back on a path you should recognize.

I love progress.  If you want to know where other items have been moved to, post here.  Hopefully I can find the new location!


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