IBM Health Checker for z/OS futures -- what do you think?

At SHARE in Boston, it was pretty hectic.  So hectic, in fact, that I forgot to bring a survey to my Migrating to z/OS V2.1 sessions, and to Peter Relson's Health Checker sessions.  After it was too late, I realized that I could ask you here, and all was not lost.  We've got a list of some ideas that we would like your feedback on for the Health Checker:  Java, C/C++, sharing them on a website???  These are just a couple of things we'd like to know if you are interested in.

The survey is only one page, and can be completed in less than 5 minutes.  Send it to us anyway you'd like, we are just interested in what you say!  The survey can be found here:

Thanks in advance.

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