Scenes from an Italian Restaur... wait. Scenes from a SHARE conference

And now you know I'm a Billy Joel fan. Or maybe I just like the thought of a bottle of white, a bottle of red, and a bottle of rose instead.

Things are very busy here are SHARE in Boston, but I've got some shots that I wanted to share with you, and also my overall perception of the conference this week. I haven't seen this much excitement, this many people, the rooms this full, and this much passion at SHARE in a few years. I'm not one to say I told you so, but I *did* tell you that this was going to be a mind-boggling conference, and it is. From the keynotes, to the z/OS 2.1 sessions, to the networking in the hallways, everything has been stellar. If you're here, you know this, if you're not, I truly don't want to rub it in or gloat, but if you can swing things for Anaheim March 9-14, I highly recommend you do so. Also, summer SHARE for 2014 was announced for Pittsburgh in August 2014.

You can tell by the photos that sessions are packed! John Eells had 267 people in his "What's new in z/OS 2.1" session.

Without further ado, lets evaluate my primitive photo-journalism talents....

IBM Greg Lotko doing the keynote Monday:


Scott Fagen tweeting during Mike Madden's keynote. Social Media is a big focus this conference. Search on twitter hashtag #mainframe or #shareorg.

Boston 2


MVSE and EWCP Project Managers Mary Anne Matyaz (me) and Norman Hollander


boston 3


MVSE Lead IBM Rep Riaz Ahmad with WSC Hot Topics



John Eells fills us in on z/OS 2.1



Marna Walle discusses z/OS 2.1 migration actions



IBM talking about JES2 futures



And finally, sorry for the fuzziness, but I presented the coveted, once-in-a-lifetime card case award to volunteer Gordon Daniels. Congratulations Gordon!!



Your link today is to the Boston proceedings! Sessions with presentations uploaded (and most of them do) have a folder icon next to the session number.


TAFN, more to come!

Mary Anne


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