What's your favorite dynamic function in z/OS???

MaryAnn has put me to shame.  Here she's done so many interesting and funny posts, and it's been over a month for me.  Well, I do have a small excuse:  z/OS V2.1 is really gearing up in some installations and the z/OS V2.1 Migration book has been more time-consuming than I had thought.  Really, though, everyone is busy so there's no point of me telling you that!

For this post, I've been wanted to ask YOU blog readers something...  I'm going to be doing my first full ITSO residency (not just a helper as I've been in the past so many times - meaning I'll get my name on the front cover instead of in the inside cover) next month.  This looks to be a lot of fun - and work - since I'll be working with Frank Kyne and some other folks that I know pretty well.  Anyone that knows Frank, knows that there's no boring time with him.  Anyway, he's given me some homework to do before next month, but I'd like to make sure that others have input.

The ITSO residency is an update on the "Planned Outage Avoidance" book that really desperately needs updating.  The last Redbook was only up to z/OS R7, and there's been so many "dynamics" added since then.  My homework is to bring a good solid list to the residency of dynamic stuff to cover in July.  I've got plenty o'items (this is my Irish joke, because I'm thinking of Frank).  But, I thought it would be nice to ask YOU, if there was anything that you particularly liked since z/OS R8.  Especially those little-but-goodie items that you think get overlooked.  Those are my favorites. 

If there's anything you use and like, would you drop me a line?  Either at the bottom of this blog entry or to my email (mwalle@us.ibm.com).  Any feedback would be appreciated!   Thanks!

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