Can you put time in a bottle?

Where does the time go?

The other day I was searching for the little document that I created when I first got here consisting of my teammates names, userids and extensions. (Our ID's are unrecognizable as anything meaningful). It's not that anything has changed, just that it's dog-eared and I wanted to print it again. When I found it, I noted the date of Jan 22, 2009.

As Carrie Bradshaw would say..."I had to wonder, where had the time gone?". Certainly four years is peanuts compared to the 20 I spent at IBM, but really, that seems to have occurred in the blink of an eye as well.

So after finding that doc, I procrastinated about a week, which brings us to March 12, which is just after daylight savings time weekend, making this actually topical! (Yes, I read that as tropical too!)

I started to think about where to get time. Here's what the MVS Systems Programmer in me came up with:

From a TSO TIME:

TIME-10:11:25 AM. CPU-00:00:04 SERVICE-288604 SESSION-04:00:38 MARCH 7,2013

From a D T:

RESPONSE=ACSE IEE136I LOCAL: TIME=12.43.37 DATE=2013.058 UTC RESPONSE=TIME=17.43.37 DATE=2013.058

From the ISPF Main Menu:

User ID . : MAM
Time. . . : 05:48
Terminal. : 3278
Screen. . : 1
Language. : ENGLISH
Appl ID . : ISR

From a REXX:


There's SVC 11 to get you time. Or better yet, STCK.

Similar to ISPF, IPCS gives you the time also:

* DATE - 13/03/11
* JULIAN - 13.066
* TIME 10:14
* TERMINAL- 3278
* PF KEYS - 24

CA1 gives you time:

DATE   - 2013/066
       - 13.066
TIME   - 10:17
GenLvl - 1104 SP00

Curiously TICTOC, AKA Application Time Facility, doesn't display a time on its main panel.

The RMF Panels will let you travel back in time. So will the SYSLOG, come to think of it. :)

Reading this was a complete and utter waste of your time, but hopefully it's entertaining!

Your link today is to


Till next time,

Mary Anne



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Too much time on our hands?

March 13, 2013 04:02 AM by Ed Jaffe

Mainframe developers love date & time. Even here:
2013/03/13 (2013.072) ---------- (E)JES Menu ---------- MVSA0/SA0 V5R3.0 00:23
And in response to a TIME command:
EJES269 Current time is 00:23:30.  Current date is 2013-03-13 (2013.072)

Why? Are mainframers watching the countdown until 5pm so we can scurry back home? Not usually. We tend to work late. Hardly anyone wears a watch anymore, but almost everyone wore one back when ISPF and other "timely" products were first authored, so that can't be the reason.

Personally, I think date/time display is usually an attempt to fill whitespace (or maybe it should be called blackspace on a 3270). Date/time is easy to obtain and display and it seems like useful information. (Never mind that it's displayed by virtually every other mainframe product in existence...)

My only question is, who's got _time_ to worry about such things? ;)

Another place to get time...

May 19, 2013 01:22 PM by Peter Capek

These comments remind me of the way used by a fellow I knew briefly many years ago.   He wanted a way to set the clock on his very early personal computer.  It had a modem, but I can only guess that this would have been in the late 70s.

He programmed his machine to use the modem to dial into the VP/CSS service, a clone of IBM's CP-CMS run by a service bureau, National CSS.  He didn't have an account, but after 3 failed attempts to log on, VP/CSS would give up on him and bounce him with what he wanted:



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