The Very Best of z/OS 2.1

The Very Best of z/OS 2.1

According to z/OSSYgirl, of course. Now, this was actually pretty tough. There is SO much great new content in z/OS 2.1 that it’s very difficult to choose the top, well, I whittled it to 21. (2.1, 21, get it??) Ok, I will admit, I made that up after I counted them. (smiley)

IBM and MVS Core Technologies has placed renewed focus on requirements over the last few years, so let’s take a look at the functions that specifically satisfy SHARE requirements:  

SHARE MVS Requirements Satisfied

  • Dynamic System Symbol updates (SETLOAD IEASYM Command)
  • z/OS Console support for HMC 3270 console planned (Love it!)
  • Add/remove MCS consoles dynamically
  • DISPLAY PPT Command
  • IEBCOPY Support for pattern matching (Finally!)
  • REXX will support PDSE, concatenated, multivolume, and tape data sets


  • HMC complex-wide IODF Activate (only for the bold and the beautiful)
  • Multiple SMP/E Logical screens (different CSI’s)  (Love it!)
  • GDGORDER DD Statement (Anyone who deals with SMF files will (Love it!))
    • Default Remains: Newest to Oldest
    • Available: Oldest to Newest
  • Dynamic ENQ downgrade support in GRS, and JCL support (DSENQSHR=ALLOW)
  • New PARMDD EXEC keyword to support longer parameter strings – was 100
  • 8-character Job classes
  • Batch Parallel DFHSM Recall   (Allocation will determine if datasets are migrated, and issue all recalls in step initiation and wait for them to complete.
  • Multivolume RLSE improvements (Unused space can be released on current volume and all subsequent volumes)
  • RLS for Catalogs
  • PDSE V2  (DSNTYPE=(LIBRARY,{1|2}))
  • zFS Version 5  (Yes, there's a conversion)


  • New workflow feature
  • Will use the Websphere Application Server Liberty profile…smaller, faster, easier. (Love it!)


  • Pathname mask in DIRLIST

Not a z/OS thing really, but IBM is serious about FTPS for software delivery. Go check out their connectivity test to see if you’re positioned properly.

Most of this info is taken from John Eells “What’s new in z/OS 2.1” presentation at SHARE in San Francisco. You can download the pdf here:

Finally, if you need to get to this blog without signing in, here’s a direct link. You can also use this to tell all your friends, tweet it, etc. etc. Use this link:


Till next time,

Mary Anne





Like your list!

February 19, 2013 04:16 PM by Marna Walle

It's great you put together this list of what you hopefully will use...and when the rest of z/OS V2.1 is announced, I'd like to see another blog on the other stuff you like too! 


February 19, 2013 06:03 PM by Mary Anne Matyaz

You're such a tease!! :)

z/OS 2.1

February 19, 2013 10:09 PM by Mark

I'm so excited I just can't hide it!  Wish REXX supported RECFM=VBS for SMF data.

Thank You Mary Anne

May 14, 2013 11:09 AM by Iris Rivera

Hi Mary Anne, I truly enjoy reading the humor in your blogs. Thanks for showcasing the best of what's coming in z/OS V2.1.

Iris Rivera

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