SHARE Reorganization – Communications Infrastructure and Enterprise Data Center Programs

SHARE is constantly evolving to better serve its members. As part of this evolution, the Communications Infrastructure and Enterprise Data Center Programs are merging. You will notice modest changes to the Program and Project organizational structure, but not to the content that SHARE presents, nor to the ranks of volunteers. Although the programs will merge, the projects, project names and project staff will remain the same, with the same volunteers.

So, how does this impact you, the SHARE attendee? You may notice some changes to the communities on the SHARE Web site, but not the substance. The Proceedings files, for example, are still there. The session offerings that you have come to expect will remain, and in roughly the same numbers. This enhancement to the SHARE community may even allow SHARE to offer more new topics as the projects involved explore the opportunities for synergy and collaboration.

The Projects are being brought together under the Enterprise Data Center Program. The net result should be a stronger set of sessions, with stronger Projects, and a better working relationship among the Projects, both within the EDC Program and across SHARE. As was stated above, SHARE continues to evolve. This is neither the first nor the last step in that evolution. You may notice some commonalities in the list below, and we intend to exploit those commonalities, as well as the differences, to provide a rich experience for all SHARE attendees. This merger will be effective as of March, 2013. 

EDC Program will now consist of seven projects:

  • Communication Server Project   
  • Communication Technologies Project
  • Data Center Management Project
  • Integrating Innovative Technologies Project
  • Network Management and Security Project
  • Professional Development Project
  • Security and Compliance Project
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