Thursday SHAREnews Daily President's Corner Letter

I hope you are enjoying SHARE in San Francisco! A great deal of SHARE is about learning from IBM, our vendors and each other. Many people think of SHARE as going to sessions with PowerPoint presentations, roundtable discussions, hands-on labs and the trade show during a conference. SHARE has many other aspects and some of these are oriented towards trying to influence IBM or another vendor to meet a particular need. I am going to give you some things you can DO to help your company and our community meet its needs.

The SHARE requirements process is one way we raise our voice as one to ask IBM to undertake change. Typically a requirement is for new or changed function in software expressed in a clearly articulated statement. A requirement is discussed online once entered, perhaps further edited by the submitter then voted on by SHARE members like you and submitted to IBM for a response. To find the requirements system online login to the Web site and select the Our Community then Advocacy and Requirements on that menu. You can register or login if you have already registered on that page. 

Cheryl Watson has just conducted a wonderful interactive discussion session titled z/OS Requirements: Influencing IBM Development with foils that provide a detailed guide to using the requirements system and how the process works. Requirements can be submitted for IBM software like z/OS, CICS and more.

1. Register and participate in voting for requirements. Consider to author a requirement when you are aware of a need your company has.

There are many opportunities to influence IBM and vendors through discussion of issues. This can be informal talking to an expert perhaps the developer after a session. This can be more organized an open roundtable or BOF put in the scheduled for the specific purpose of getting input.  This can be a survey you fill out and hand back in while at SHARE. IBM frequently surveys SHARE members on-site to get our opinions and uses these to aid their decision making.

2. Attend a BOF/Roundtable or take a survey while on-site at SHARE in San Francisco

There are great informal conversations where questions are answered at the SHARE conference in the hallway. E-mail or Web-based discussions are not always the same but can be very useful, have global reach and operate every day. There are many technical forums including CICS-LASSEMBLER-LIST and DB2-L.

There are discussion areas on the Web site you can explore that are starting to gather more activity.

The ISVCOSTS e-mail forum is oriented specifically towards software asset management topics. This might include questions about product alternatives or suggestions on how you can engage with a particular vendor to resolve a difference or licensing options they might offer you have not considered. ISVCOSTS is an e-mail list which is limited to participation by customers. You can find more information and sign up here.    

3. Join an online discussion forum one listed here or another one and stay in touch with the worldwide community.

Best Regards,

Sam Knutson, SHARE Director

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