Wednesday SHAREnews Daily President's Corner Letter

Increase your SHARE ROI: Volunteer!
By: Justin Bastin

Welcome to SHARE! Regardless if you are joining us here in San Francisco or browsing through our content at, this conference could be the solution to your IT problems. The cornerstone of our conference continues to be that we are independently run with the goal of assisting enterprise IT professionals. To make this a reality, individuals volunteer their time to build our user ecosystem. These volunteers, along with our vendor partner community, make SHARE the conference we know today.

Fulfilling a volunteer role provides value to the organization, and more importantly to you. Accelerate and expand your network opportunities by rolling up your sleeves, and work with those who share a common interest. Develop new leadership skills by managing or working with one of the 26 projects at SHARE. Learn new skills in a safe environment that could be transferred to your individual companies. Lastly, being a SHARE volunteer increases your chances of a return visit to a conference. 

As Director of the Volunteer Services Portfolio, my goals include developing initiatives to assist our current and future volunteers. Various initiatives will focus on increasing peer networking opportunities, volunteer recognition and appreciation. Currently we have a SHARE Volunteer Appreciation page that expresses our thanks to our outstanding volunteers. Also, I am evaluating how to incorporate Socious functionality (the new infrastructure that hosts the Web site) to allow volunteers to create E-Appreciation Memos. This would allow individuals to build a memo for another volunteer, a conference attendee or a member company expressing appreciation and recognition. I am always looking for suggestions on how we can support and recognize our volunteers!

There is a SHARE volunteer opportunity to fit any schedule or experience level. I encourage you to attend our Program and Project functions during the week or visit our website at to learn more about the different opportunities available. Ultimately, your participation will provide an opportunity to enhance your SHARE experience, career and increase the ROI your company earns from you.

Being a SHARE volunteer has its perks both professionally and personally. There is a lot of satisfaction in seeing your hard work come to fruition during our SHARE conferences. SHARE is always looking for innovative ways to improve our conference, and as a volunteer you will have an opportunity to make a difference. I encourage you to get involved. SHARE continues to be a successful, independently run organization that prospers because of its volunteers. Welcome to SHARE!  

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