MVS Core Project Dinner

Time for thinking food!  The Wednesday night dinner at SHARE in San Francisco will be a little different than we've done in the past. We are having the dinner at Lefty O'Douls (333 Geary St, very close to the conference hotel).  This a buffet-type restaurant, and you need a "dinner check" to pay for dinner.  You won't be able to purchase one at the restaurant, so you need to purchase a dinner check before you go from me.  They are giving us a deal of $20, which is quite good for a San Francisco dinner (gratuity included)!   When you purchase the dinner check, if something happens and you can't make the dinner on Wednesday, you can use the dinner check anytime during the rest of the week.  

Dinner is:  one-trip through the line with any choice of main course, two hot sides, salad, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage.

Now for drink:  you can purchase "drink tokens" ahead of time too.  Don't worry, you don't need to figure out how many drinks you'll want on Wednesday, because you can purchase more drinks at the restaurant anytime you like. You can also return a purchased "drink token" for the full refund if you don't want (or need?) as many as you thought on Wednesday.  The "drink token" deal is $6 for beer or wine, $8 for a cocktail, and that includes gratuity!  You canNOT use the drink tokens throughout the week, though, and they are only valid on Wednesday, Feb 6.  You can purchase the drink tokens from me, when you buy your dinner ticket.

Bottom line:  when you sign up for the dinner, I'll be nicely asking you for your payment, so bring some cash when you see me :).  We'll meet in the Hilton lobby at 7;15pm Wednesday and all walk over from there. We'll be together in the very back of the restaurant.   Don't forget to bring the ticket/tokens you've bought!

One more thing...if you've been to Lefty's before you know they have live entertainment, which usually results in loud singalongs.  The evening that we are there they are having "Johnny z and the Camaros"  (how appropriate is that "z"??).  The band will start at 8:30pm.  

This is the first time we are trying something like this, but the Lefty manager promises me this system works well with large groups.  I hope to see you in San Francisco and at our dinner on Wednesday!

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