President's Corner


A mile high and up in the clouds!  You’ll get both if you join us for SHARE in Denver at the end of August.

Maybe I’m just obsessed with altitude metaphors because I’ve been taking some flying lessons lately.  But I really think there’s more to it than that.

The mile-high city is a new location for SHARE.  This will be the first time we’ve held an event in Denver.  But I can report from personal experience that the venue should be delightful.  I had the dubious experience of attending a company event at the same hotel during January not long ago. (Fortunately for SHARE attendees, we won’t have the snowstorms to contend with.)  The hotel’s quite nice and the Convention Center is just a few steps away.  And it’s not far from Denver’s downtown dining options.

We have an exciting new format for the Denver meeting.  In addition to the keynote speaker in the general session, we’ve arranged for top industry leaders to keynote each of our event themes. If you haven’t already done so, check out our keynote speakers.

Every one of our keynoters has important insights to share about our industry and the trends that will affect all of us sooner than we might think.

So much for mile high.  What’s the deal with up in the cloud?

Cloud computing is the hottest topic in the industry today.  And it’s the hottest topic on the SHARE agenda as well.  Not only do we have a keynote address and important technical sessions covering the cloud, but SHARE is also focusing our industry influence and advocacy initiatives on helping to shape the future of cloud computing.  There are many practical issues associated with adoption and implementation of cloud resources.  Join your colleagues at SHARE to have a say in defining the issues and providing guidance to the cloud providers on the practical (dare I say “down to earth” ?  OK, so it’s a really bad pun) solutions that will impact cloud adoption in your organization.

A mile high and up in the clouds.  SHARE in Denver’s got it all.  See you there!

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