All the Social Networking an MVS Systems Programmer needs

Ok, so maybe that IS a bold statement. Not all, but a very good start on some items for you to friend/like/follow/link, if that's the sort of thing you're in to. 

Lets start with Facebook.

Of course, I need to point you toward the official SHARE Inc Facebook page:

Then the IBM System Z page:

The Znextgen Facebook page is active, fun, and hip:

There's a Mainframe Professionals group that you can join on FB: Although it tends to get a little bit spammy. (Is that a word?)

CA has a page you can like at:

And finally, I highly recommend liking ibmwatson on FB. It's a nice collection of topical AI, research, and general technology info:

Moving on to the second most popular social networking site, Twitter

The SHAREhq Twitter ID is pretty active, particularly during SHARE week:

Some IBM Twitter feeds:  Partnerworld, not password. Or something else. :(

CA Feeds:

And some miscellaneous blogs/sites/etc: Yes, Cringely famously and erroneously predicted the death of the mainframe, but let's all just get over it.

You can also keep an eye on several twitter hashtags: #SHAREorg  #MVS   #Mainframe   #SystemZ   #zEC12

Number 3 on the list of Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites is Linkedin:

IBM Mainframe:
System z Advocates:

MySpace is number 4 on the list, but, frankly, I don't use it. So I don't have any advice there. :)

Number 5 is poor, struggling Google Plus. Or Google+

The most active one there is IBM Redbooks at, but it's really the same feed as the Twitter and Facebook sites, so no need to sign up for all three.

I really thought Google Plus was going to take off, especially when FB ticked off almost all of their customers with timeline, but alas, it has not.

You may be wondering where I found my Top 5 sites...  I was not surprised by the top 5, but color me shocked by number 6 as I had never heard of it:, which, while I found it interesting, doesn't really seem to qualify as 'social networking' to me. But then again, what do I know, I'm just an old MVS Systems Programmer.

Till next time,

Mary Anne




Link to a free IBM Software for System Z for Dummies book....

October 30, 2012 11:59 AM by Mary Anne Matyaz

Social Networking Overload

November 14, 2012 02:47 AM by Edward Jaffe

Someone should come up with a social networking site to keep track of all of the social networking sites. ;) My favorite is still IBM-Main, but recently I've also been discussing things on SHARE's Facebook page. There are some excellent contributors there and it has a much better signal/noise ratio.

System z websites

November 15, 2012 07:18 AM by SUDAKAR D

Thanks for the site address, the site which I loved in this article is 'ebizmba'(cool website).

All others I am a member already(almost all)

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