What generation are you?

That's the poll question currently on the MVS SHARE site at
I'd have to say, I am the iebGENer-ation. :)  Just kidding. Though I intensely dislike labels, sometimes it's necessary to get a better understanding of where people are coming from.

For purposes of our conversation, and realizing that there are many different definitions, lets call it:

Baby Boomers 1946-1964
Generation X  1965-1979
Generation Y 1980-2000 also called millenials
i-gen 1995-present

Jason Dorsey, who presented the keynote at SHARE in Anaheim, says this is "the first time ever four distinctly different generations are working side by side"

You might be wondering by now, what, exactly, is the point of this blog entry? And I'm going to tell you...brace yourselves:

You need to get to know a gen Y'er in your company. Seek them out, go to Starbucks with them, find out what makes them tick. In my experience, when you get to know them, you'll find them smart, eager, loyal, and dedicated. Does it really matter if they wear flip flops to the White House? They can stop the annoying alarm on your new wristwatch! Make it one of your unofficial goals: "In 2013 I will get to know/mentor/collaborate with a Gen Y worker." I don't think you will regret it.  The key, as with any good relationship, is communication. Acknowledge that they have skills that take you longer to acquire, and vice versa. Bridge the gap and see if it doesn't benefit both you and your company. Remember, we were all in the same spot at one time. Try not to judge a book by its cover...and realize that we all benefit from their success.

Jason also says "Gen Y is the first generation to enter the current workforce without any expectation of lifetime employment."
This saddens me somewhat. But it really puts added pressure on companies to keep employees happy, which also benefits us all.

Finally, if you're still on the fence about Gen Y'ers, have a look at Jason's book:  I think you'll find plenty of reasons to reach out to millenials, and ways to do it as well.

Your link today is to Jason's article GEN Y AND YOUR MEETING
and your bonus link is to 

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Gen 'Y'

September 28, 2012 04:16 PM by Edward Jaffe

Before I can seek out a Gen 'Y' in our company, I'll need to hire one. ;)

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