MVS Program Reorganization

In Anaheim, the SHARE membership elected Sam Knutson to the position of "Director at Large". This outcome created a vacancy for "MVS Program co-Manager," a position that Ed Jaffe, the "MVS Core Technologies Project Manager", accepted. Mary Anne Matyaz graciously offered to take the reins from Ed as the MVSE Project Manager." Gordon Daniel accepted the position of SHARE-wide Lab Coordinator.

I am personally thrilled that Sam will now be on the Board of Directors of SHARE, because I know his dedication to the z/OS community. I will miss Ed as the MVSE project manager, but believe that he'll be a great asset to the MVS Program, which benefits us all in the end. I'm also very excited that Mary Anne will now be the MVSE project manager. Mary Anne has continually impressed me with her enthusiasm, organization, and dedication to our project. She's wonderful! And thanks to Gordon for taking on a job that high on frustration, but provides some of the best content of the conference. If you haven't tried one of the labs at SHARE, you certainly should.

Thanks to all of you who volunteer your own time to make SHARE such a valuable conference.

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