Reflecting on SHARE 119

Today is my first day back to work after a week at SHARE in Anaheim. I started thinking about the week and how tough, yet fun, it is. Project and program volunteers start at 8AM Sunday morning and are still going at 7PM Sunday nite. And that’s pretty much the schedule for the rest of the week as well. (Except for a couple of 7AM meetings).

I know why I do it. I love SHARE and all that it represents. I’m just a little surprised, I guess, that there are so many out there just like me. All week long I saw dedicated volunteers, customer, IBMer and vendor alike, working hard to put on a great conference.

A lot of the effort goes on behind the scenes. Today I’m working on a report about Anaheim, and then we’re off into scheduling for San Francisco.

There is an opportunity to help out if you’re interested…and you don’t have to go to SHARE either. Some of the work is done on conference calls and at your leisure.

If you’re interested, please let me know…maryanne4psu@gmail.com.

Finally, I just want to throw out a big Thanks/Kudos/You Rock and whatever other praise

I can think of to bestow on these dedicated volunteers. Particularly the ones I encountered the most…Sam, Skip, Ed, Jack, Tom, Cheryl, Gordon, Greg, Robert, Keith, Ed and Bill, and IBMers Riaz, Bette, Maria, Marna and Harv.

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August 14, 2012 05:37 PM by Greg Shriver

Mary Anne, I'm sure all others would agree, the kudos go right back at ya!

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