Are we dead yet?

Are we dead yet?


Here are some quotes from the past...from reputable sources, no less:


A fairly well accepted notion in computing is that the mainframe is going the way

of the dinosaur.

Forbes, March 20, 1989

The mainframe computer is rapidly being turned into a technological Dinosaur...

New York Times, April 4, 1989


On March 15, 1996, an InfoWorld Reader will unplug the last mainframe.

Stewart Alsop, InfoWorld 1991


...the mainframe seems to be hurtling toward extinction.

New York Times, Feb. 9, 1993


Its the end of the end for the mainframes

George Colony, Forrester Research, Business Week, Jan. 10, 1994


On an interesting side note about things going away, although still exist, the

final print edition of the magazine was dated April 2, 2007


Here's what I want to see on August 7, 2031:


IEE389I MVS COMMAND PROCESSING AVAILABLE                             


IEE252I MEMBER IEASLP00 FOUND IN SYS2.PARMLIB                        

IEE254I  06.12.09 IPLINFO DISPLAY 665                                

 SYSTEM IPLED AT 06.11.28 ON 08/01/2031                              

 RELEASE z/OS 04.15.00    LICENSE = z/OS  


The point is, they were all wrong. The mainframe is vital, healthy, and growing. That much is obvious here at Share this week. Don't let the misbegotten get you down.




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