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SHARE – Big Data and Analytics in Anaheim – You Asked, We Listened and We Delivered
By Karla Houser

Since SHARE is an independent, volunteer-run user group focusing on enterprise IT, SHARE depends upon you, as representatives of its member organizations, to define, prioritize and ultimately deliver each conference’s technical content. Without YOUR input on the critical issues you and your enterprises are facing, SHARE’s technical conferences cannot provide the timely breadth and depth of content year to year. 

At SHARE in Atlanta in March of this year, SHARE held an open focus group to discuss the issues associated with “Big Data and Analytics.” At this session and in detailed follow-up discussions, SHARE volunteers and conference attendees discussed the issues, tools and technologies associated with the emerging “Big Data and Analytics” topic. Participants were asked “Is it a new reality, something the mainframe has been dealing with for years, or just a vendor marketing ploy?” and some interesting discussions and debates occurred as we shared our thoughts and ideas. 

We all know that our organizations have a lot of data. It accumulates so quickly it’s often difficult to maintain and obtain enough  storage capacity. Then, we are expected to be able to abstract knowledge and value from all of the data in its myriad of formats. Add to that the efforts needed to keep up with new architectures, technologies and methodologies to help us mine the information from the data and you have a "challenging situation."

“In a digitized world, consumers going about their day—communicating, browsing, buying, sharing, searching—create their own enormous trails of data,” as reported in a May 2011 McKinsey Global Institute report. So how do we, in IT, manage and provide the tools and techniques to analyze this mostly unstructured data? And store it? And search it? And enable our organizations to find the valuable information in all of these bits and bytes?

As a result of YOUR input, at SHARE in Anaheim you can attend numerous sessions that will help you understand the what is meant by "Big Data and Analytics," discuss the issues associated with Big Data and Analytics with your peers, learn about the tools and technologies available to help you with managing and analyzing all of this data as well as hear about real-world practical applications that demonstrate how to support, maintain and provide valuable business information from all of your organization's data.

Although related sessions are spread across the week, the primary theme sessions are on Monday and Tuesday as a part of the Big Data Spotlight. Learn more about the spotlight at www.SHARE.org/AnaheimBigData and visit the SHARE Anaheim schedule at www.SHARE.org/AnaheimBigDataTrack to view the offerings in this track. As you look at these sessions for Anaheim, are their other topics related to "Big Data – Big Analytics – Big Needs" that are missing?  What else should SHARE be offering in this arena? Do you have information related to this that you would like to SHARE with others? Your participation can help the IT community manage the challenges inherent in this arena. 

The SHARE team working on this theme looks forward to hearing from you both online and at SHARE. After all, don’t just think about it; this is YOUR area of interest.

The Mobile Computing Revolution – Are You Ready? Is SHARE ready?

Similar to the Big Data focus group that guided the Big Data track for Anaheim, we will conduct a Mobile Computing Focus Group to guide our mobile track for SHARE in San Francisco in February 2013. Mobile computing has become an important and rapidly-evolving technology in recent years, thanks in part to various flavors of smart phones and tablets. It’s also become a must in the Enterprise space with more and more companies supporting a remote and constantly moving workforce. Are you trying to find new and effective ways to improve your mobile applications’ effectiveness? Does your company have a BYOD (bring your own device) policy? Should it? Concerned about the “dark side” of mobile computing? Just trying to survive as a remote employee or contractor?

Bring your ideas and recommendations to the Mobile Computing Focus Group on Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. in  La Jolla so we can collect your input and help SHARE deliver a “Mobile Computing” track for SHARE in San Francisco in 2013 that exceeds your expectations! We know this is early, so we'll have coffee and continental breakfast waiting!


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