Stop with the MF acronym.


I can't stand it when they call a MAINFRAME MF. I mean, come on! What kind of double entendre is that? Clearly, people are going to confuse Mainframes with a Master of Forestry degree. Do they call a unix box UB? Sun Solaris is SS?

It's just that, don't we shoulder enough ridicule as it is? We get called dinosaurs, legacy. We're not modern, sexy, hip. People think we're still writing to 30 year old round tape, and blowing dust and cobwebs off of a rusted old machine in the back of the computer room.

Example. I saw this on a powerpoint chart:

   Get off the MF laser printer

Is it really that hard to type mainframe? It's not like we're texting or tweeting, this was a presentation to business executives.

Am I too sensitive? Probably. But I'm a pisces, so I'm allowed.

My parting shot today is a great buzzword bingo card to take to meetings or use on conference calls.





SHARE MF shirt

August 4, 2012 12:45 PM by Kristine Bastin

I don't think it's so bad sometimes, but I only use it for my personal hand written notes (which no one can read anyway lol). Whatever happened to that SHARE shirt idea that says "I'm a sexy MF'er"? :-)

Buzzword Bingo

August 17, 2012 03:53 PM by Greg Evans

How can you have buzzword bingo without the word CLOUD!

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