What do we got on the ship that's good? (Apollo 13)

Because I had been lamenting the dullness of our operating system names, dating back to the 60's, I thought I should lean the other way, and think of some of the great names that have come along in MVS through the years. Here's my top ten list:

10.CICS. Known as KICKS in the UK, SIX in, where? Germany I think. 
9. IEBIBALL. Ok, it's not a real utility. In ITIL terms, it would be...a, methodology.
8. OCO. Object Code Only. As in 'I hate oco, I need to see the code'
7. Goovoo. Referring to a GDG dataset name: SYSPROG.PARMLIB.BACKUP.G0071V00
6. APAR Authorized Program Analysis Report (Ok, not specific to MVS)
5. IDCAMS    I just like idcams. Or id.
4. Abend   Abnormal End 
3. CLIP Change Label Information Program (AKA, change the volser of a dasd device)
2. SMPE Module GIMISEX. Go ahead, look it up in cross zone query. It's in SGIMLMD0.  (Thanks Ed!)
1. IGDZILLA module. Affectionately know as GODZILLA.

Honorable Mention: Gener. It's a noun! It's a verb! It's an Adjective!

SCIDS  Social Contact and Informal Discussion Sessions OR. Social Conversation in a Drunken Stupor  Nightly reception at SHARE or Guide. But it's not just an MVS name.

But the point is, IBM isn't getting any better at naming things. zosmf. How the heck are we suppose to say that? PFA. Yuck.

My parting link today is an entire IBM dictionary of jargon. http://www.comlay.net/ibmjarg.pdf

Have a good weekend!



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