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Monday Keynote Address

SHARE in Seattle Keynote Speaker: Tom RosamiliaIBM Systems: Future Made for Digital Transformation
Tom Rosamilia, Senior Vice President, IBM Systems, IBM Corporation
Monday, August 10   

As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of SHARE, we find ourselves in the midst of unprecedented change. There is a digital transformation happening across companies, industries and entire societies and it is changing how we act, interact and transact. The digitization of practically everything, the pervasiveness of mobility, and the Internet of Things are raising the stakes for how organizations engage their customers and differentiate in the marketplace. Driving leadership in this new world now and in the future requires systems that are designed to enable digital business and position IT at the very center of business value creation.  Rosamilia will discuss how IBM systems are future-made and uniquely positioned to help businesses maximize the opportunities presented in the digital era.

About Tom Rosamilia
Tom Rosamilia is Senior Vice President of IBM Systems. In his role, Rosamilia oversees three industry-leading parts of the IBM — middleware, servers and storage.

Previously, Rosamilia served as Senior Vice President of IBM Systems and Technology Group and IBM Integrated Supply Chain, where he had global responsibility for all aspects of IBM’s semiconductor, servers, storage and the system software business; all of IBM’s supply chain; and the company’s Global Business Partners organization. During that time, he oversaw the transformation of IBM’s Systems & Technology Group business to better align with clients' higher-value, data-driven IT requirements.

During his 30-plus years with IBM, Rosamilia has held several other leadership roles, including General Manager of IBM WebSphere; General Manager of z Systems and Power Systems; and Vice President of Corporate Strategy and General Manager of Enterprise Initiatives. He holds a bachelor's degree from Cornell University, with majors in computer science and economics. In 2004, Rosamilia completed the IBM Strategic Leadership Forum at Harvard Business School. In addition, Rosamilia has served on the boards of the United Way of Dutchess County, the United Way of Silicon Valley, the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group, and the California Manufacturing and Technology Association.

Tuesday Keynote Address


National Security: Looking Back to Look Forward
Joseph W. Lambert, Director Information Management Services, Central Intelligence Agency
Tuesday, August 11   

Ever wonder how the CIA does it? Join Lambert as he covers recently declassified CIA operations straight from the archives and discusses how the federal unit is looking forward to the technical challenges confronting security today. 

About Joseph W. Lambert
Joseph W. Lambert entered on duty with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1984, serving initially in the Office of the Deputy Director for Intelligence and on the support staff of the National Intelligence Council.  Subsequently, Lambert served as the Information Management Officer for both the National Photographic Interpretation Center and later for the Directorate of Intelligence.

Lambert has served as the Director of Information Management for the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office and since December of 2007, the Central Intelligence Agency. In his current role, Lambert is responsible for records management, national security classification management and all declassification and release programs at the CIA.  In addition, Lambert is the Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer at the CIA.

Lambert earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Frostburg State College in 1979 and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the George Washington University in 1994. Subsequently, Lambert has studied leadership at the Kellogg School at Northwestern University and the Kennedy School at Harvard University.

Lambert is a recipient of both the Intelligence Community’s National Intelligence Certificate of Distinction and a Meritorious Presidential Rank Award.  

Monday LVM and MVS Program Opening Talk

MVS Program Opening Presenter: Chris O'MalleyThe Apathy Virus
Chris O'Malley, CEO, Compuware
Monday, August 10

Most people believe the mainframe is immune from viruses. But an extremely dangerous virus seriously threatens both the mainframe and the organizations that depend on it.

That virus is apathy. Apathy settles for “good enough” instead of striving for excellence and innovation. Apathy fails to fully and aggressively leverage the mainframe’s incredible wealth of code and data.

In his talk, Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley and a panel of colleagues will discuss:

  • The mainframe's role in the new world of "composable apps"
  • Why the generational shift in IT is both a crisis and an opportunity
  • How to be lean and agile enough to satisfy relentlessly escalating customer demands

Panelists include:

  • Joe Vogel, Director of Application Development and Support, Black Knight Financial Services
  • Jason Bloomberg, Industry Analyst, Intellyx
  • Connor Bratten, Developer, Compuware
  • Keith Sisson, Director of Technical Services, Compuware

About Chris O'Malley
Chris O’Malley is CEO of Compuware. With nearly 30 years of IT experience, Chris is deeply committed to leading Compuware’s transformation into the “mainframe software partner for the next 50 years.” Chris’s past positions include CEO of VelociData, CEO of Nimsoft, EVP of CA’s Cloud Products & Solutions and EVP/GM of CA’s Mainframe business unit, where he led the successful transformation of that division.