Three Tsunamis and a Boat: The Imminent Mainframe Sea Change

By Reg Harbeck

What if I told you that the mainframe has been “in the dock” for the past 54 years, and it’s about to hit the high seas? Or that the launch will be the result of being hammered by not one, but three impending tsunami-type events that are going to result in a complete sea change for the platform of record for the world economy? Join me at SHARE Sacramento for my presentation, “Three Tsunamis and a Boat: The Imminent Mainframe Sea Change.”

If you’re familiar with my writing or presentations, you’ll likely guess that the first tsunami I’ll warn you about has to do with the change of generations. The fact is, we have not kept up with staffing the mainframe, and the workforce is about to capsize after getting so top-heavy with experienced mainframers that it’s completely lost balance. But there are two more!

The second is the hacking of the mainframe. (See my “Young, the Mainframe Hacker” series for a hint.) Flooded with newbies who don’t know how to secure the mainframe without breaking it, some shops will be sitting ducks for the hackers and malicious organizations of the world to turn them into headline fodder – and the rest will be painted as vulnerable by the mere association of also having mainframes.

But the third will be the worst: the invasion of the rest of the world. Just like a Tsunami lets the ocean into the mainland, so the mainframe’s survival of the first two tsunamis will open the floodgates for the universe to discover the only platform that really works, and they’re going to want more.

Are you ready?

Join Reg Harbeck, and many other speakers, at SHARE Sacramento for engaging, thought-provoking sessions on the future of the mainframe, March 11-16. Registration is open here.

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