Message from SHARE: SHARE Turns Its Eye to Education

By Donna Hudi, SHARE Executive Director

Having just finished up the Planning Summit this past weekend, my head is buzzing with educational topics and presentations. As SHARE volunteers looked at creating the schedule, there were a few questions they had to ask themselves: Is this content relevant and actionable and which section of the SHARE membership does it serve?

Every session, every academy and every White Piece has a purpose and is strategically chosen to fulfill a need by a particular segment of the SHARE membership. While a 20-year veteran on the mainframe may not necessarily need to attend an academy on IMS Immersion, a zNextGen’er would find great value in attending an introductory-level course.

This year, I’m looking forward to all the educational offerings SHARE brings to the table, including:

  • IMS Immersion SHARE Academy
  • z/OS Bug Busterz SHARE Academy
  • EXECUforum
  • Hundreds of technical sessions

Plus, with our upcoming event located in San Jose, keep your eyes open for a guest appearance by IBM developers from the nearby IBM Labs.

Through 2017, we will be doubling our focus on the main tenets of SHARE: networking, education and influence. Stay tuned for more information in upcoming issues of SHARE’d Intelligence and for evidence of these foci in communications and deliverables to come.

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