SHARE Providence Aug - EWCP and z14

Enterprise Wide Capacity and Performance (EWCP) Sessions

With the announcement of the z14 and the WDFM of the EC12 many of you are probably considering a CPC upgrade.  EWCP is offering many sessions that will help you make a more informed decision to get the best hardware and enable the right software options for your workloads; performance, cost control and SLA attainment.

Multiple sessions to help you choose the right configuration;

  • Hardware cache considerations; Best of SHARE repeat "Achieving CPU (& MLC) Savings through Optimizing Processor Cache", zProcessor Capacity Reference (zPCR) lab and "The RNI-based LSPR and the Latest z Systems Processors".  
  • Specialty engine (CF, zIIP) optimization - multiple sessions on Sysplex performance and zIIP SMT.
  • GCPs to buy - the age old question "More/Slower vs. Fewer/Faster CPUs: Practical Consideration" revisited.

MLC Costs and SLAs - If you buy excess capacity for future use or better RNI, you might be interested in controlling MLC costs. There are multiple sessions available discussing capping options and challenges.  Of course when you cap your WLM rules get exercised and there are sessions multiple sessions on WLM as well.

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