SHARE in Sacramento - MVS Performance Project

No shop can have too many performance experts, with our shrinking expert pool.  Come learn from IBM expert Kathy Walsh, ways to diagnose performance problems faster in new session Anatomy of a Performance Problem on Monday.  Speaking of new sessions on building new performance experts, listen to another IBM expert from the performance testing about methodologies and tools in "Who is the Z Performance Engineer?", maybe it could be you.

Even though some of the MVS Performance project titles seem like repeats they are almost always stuffed with the latest and greatest performance tips.  "WLM Updates - A Deeper Dive with Peter Enrico" is freshly built with lots of new content.

But the best way to get the road to success stories, with detours,  is to hear from actual customers on implementation experiences.  Our project loves to get these and we have a customer all the way from Turkey to talk about "Real Story of a Data Center Migration from a Performance Perspective"

Many more performance and capacity planning topics, from MVSP, see URL for complete list



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SHARE in Sacramento - MVS Performance Project

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