SHARE in Pittsburgh August - MVSP Sessions / Speakers

SHARE's MVSP (formerly EWCP) project has been privileged to have excellent IBM and ex-IBM speakers.  One of our regular speakers, Glenn Anderson is being honored this SHARE w/ the Ehrman Award for sustained excellence in technical education.  Glen was an IBM representative to SHARE for over 30 years and with IBM for over 40. He is now retired but is here this week to receive the award and to deliver 1 session on Monday evening.

MVSP still has many excellent speakers on the agenda this SHARE, our 2 IBM Lab representatives Peter Muench (RMF) and Andreas Henicke (WLM) as well as Washington System Center speakers John Burge and Kathy Walsh. Other IBM speakers like Martin Packer and Brad Snyder. There are also regular ex-IBM speakers Peter Enrico from EPS, Don Zeunert from BMC and Frank Kyne (Watson & Walker). Plus, many talented speakers from other vendors and private companies.


Most of the sessions focus on how to improve performance or how to lower mainframe costs.  Topics include WLM updates for pricing, RMF, Parallel Sysplex, Processor selection assistance tool zBNA, Pervasive Encryption, CPU Measurement Facility (CPU MF), WLM Configuration, zHyperLink Performance, HiperDispatch, MLC reduction, zIIP deep dive. There is also a hands-on-lab on Identifying Pervasive Encryption and zHyperLink Candidates.

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SHARE in Pittsburgh August - MVSP Sessions / Speakers

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