Mind the Gap: A Mainframe Skills Infographic

In 2015, SHARE® and IBM Systems Magazine teamed up to better understand the types of mainframe-related skills that organizations most value in today's marketplace, and to gain knowledge about the level of technical expertise needed for incoming IT professionals who plan to work on the mainframe. To better grasp this dynamic, SHARE and IBM Systems Magazine hired Signet Research Inc., an independent research company, to conduct a survey of IBM Systems Magazine subscribers and SHARE members. The survey garnered 1,433 respondents, of which 51 percent self-identified as systems analysts/programmers, 13 percent as IT management (CIO, IT manager, director of IT), 11 percent as consultants, 6 percent as database administrators and 3 percent as sales/marketing management. What follows is a visual representation of the most significant results of this survey, as well as how SHARE has addressed these challenges over the past year.


Mind the Gap 2.PNG

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