Message from SHARE: Welcoming a New Strategic Partner

A strategic partnership is one in which mutual parties further the collaboration of intellectual resources and information. For SHARE, the goal of our strategic partnerships is to benefit and educate the ecosystem as a whole. While each party remains independent, they share in these benefits and continue to make ongoing contributions in areas that will better the organizations and their respective communities.

Since its inception, SHARE has been an independent user group, powered by IT professionals looking to educate themselves, grow their network, and influence the direction of the industry. For much of SHARE’s history, IBM has proudly served as our sole strategic partner, helping to further our organization’s connection to leading mainframe resources and education. Today, we’re pleased to announce the growth of our strategic partnerships with the addition of Broadcom.

The addition of Broadcom as a strategic partner is a significant milestone. IBM was SHARE’s first and only strategic partner since the 1970s and continues to play a significant role in the mission of SHARE. Now, with a new organization added to the fold for the first time in nearly 50 years, SHARE will have another partner committed to the success of our association and Member companies.

Broadcom has a long history with SHARE and as an innovator in the mainframe ecosystem.  Their investment in new technologies and commitment to providing education and training to clients can now be extended to the broader community.  To join us as a strategic partner in a long-term endeavor is all the more exciting. Further, this commitment from Broadcom establishes that the mainframe is more mission critical today than ever. This partnership will provide access to a wide array of new resources at our twice-annual events, as well as year-round opportunities, to give you the information needed to better understand your technology, solve problems and maximize your ecosystem.

SHARE events have always been the premier destination for mainframe education. With this partnership, we will be able to double down on the types and quality of education available. For decades, IBM has helped provide us with amazing content and now with Broadcom joining us, we will gain an additional point of view from a partner that is equally dedicated to helping advance the mainframe.

For example, SHARE is in an excellent position to educate and empower the ecosystem on mainframe security. The overwhelming majority of our audience runs one or more of the only three enterprise security manager (ESM) products — CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret from Broadcom and RACF from IBM.  With security as hot a topic as ever, we are proud to have partnerships with leading-edge companies that develop and maintain the security products that secure the most secure platform in the world.

The SHARE Board of Directors, Senior Management Team, volunteers, staff and I look forward to this new endeavor with Broadcom. As our ecosystem evolves, so too must we as an organization. This is an exciting time to work in enterprise IT and be part of the SHARE community.

In order for this partnership to be successful, it must serve the needs of our community. We want you to be engaged in this new endeavor. Tell us what resources you’d like to see as a result of this partnership. Start having conversations with your fellow SHARE Delegates and reach out with your ideas.

To see this partnership come to life, SHARE Fort Worth (Feb. 23-28, 2020) is the place to be. Lock in your spot before the end of the year for early savings and be among the first to join us as we enter this exciting new chapter of SHARE’s history. Come to the event to grow your network, continue conversations with your vendors represented at the SHARE Technology Exchange (STE), and learn more about what our future as an organization looks like with both IBM and Broadcom by our side.

Please reach out to us with your thoughts, and I hope to see you this February in Fort Worth.


Read the full press release here.

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