Message from SHARE: Getting Involved Can Make a Difference

“I’m crazy, you say. Am I? Or am I so sane that you just blew your mind?” — Cosmo Kramer

Before... (2).pngThose of you that know me well know that I am not only a mainframe bigot ... er, I mean … advocate, but also a big Seinfeld fan. I love our platform and this industry, and have spent over 35 years of my career embracing it. I’ve tried (and continue to try) making a difference through GUIDE, SHARE and various positions I’ve held at Phoenix Software International.

Making a difference is impossible! “Is it? Or is it so possible your head is spinning like a top?”  — Cosmo Kramer

I started attending SHARE events in the early 1990s, chaired some sessions, and became a presenter and eventually a volunteer with the JES3 Project — first as a project officer, then deputy project manager, and finally as project manager. In 2008, I took over as MVS Secure Copy Program (SCP) project manager just six months before both JES projects were folded in and we renamed it to MVS Core Technologies. And, in 2012, I took on my current role of MVS Program co-manager. I’ve also been on the Social Media Committee, multiple Nominating Committees, and the SHARE JES3 Task Force.

Each and every one of these roles has afforded me the opportunity to make a difference.

Speaker: As a speaker, I’ve been able to share my knowledge and love for this technology with others while honing my presentation skills along the way.

Project Officer, Deputy Project Manager, Project Manager: Volunteering within a SHARE Project helps you get involved at a detailed level with others interested in a specific technology. Folks within SHARE Projects put together the technical agenda for every in-person SHARE events.

Program Manager: SHARE’s programs address key topics facing today's enterprise IT professionals. As a program manager, I’ve leveraged my leadership skills to connect with experts and peers on the issues and questions that matter to you. This includes working directly with IBM and the SHARE Board of Directors as part of the SHARE Senior Management Team to help guide the organization.

Social Media Committee: Committee members help SHARE learn about, focus on, and use social media in its day-to-day business. Nominating Committee: This special committee helps determine the future direction of SHARE by finding, vetting, and recommending the best possible candidates to lead the organization serving on the SHARE Board of Directors.

SHARE JES3 Task Force: Task forces are short-lived “SWAT teams” formed to deal with specific industry challenges. This one was created in response to IBM’s 2017 Statement of Direction indicating JES2 would be its “strategic” JES beginning in 2017. JES3 customers came together, much in the same way SHARE was originally formed: through like-minded organizations rallying to help each other and attempt to influence the industry.

If you believe your involvement won’t make a difference, I’d like to challenge your thinking. Being involved in even the smallest of ways can make a huge difference to you personally, to your peers, to your career, to your organization, to the technology, and to the industry as a whole.

"It can’t be!” —Jerry Seinfeld

“Can’t it? Or is your entire world just crashing down all around you?” — Cosmo Kramer

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